A New Standard

For a limited time, I am offering the opportunity to listen for FREE to my full album entitled “A New Standard” where I have composed six tunes that were all inspired by jazz standards and thus they are in a sense “new standards.” I have recorded all of the instruments myself – trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums – and also mixed and mastered the entire album myself.

I dedicate this album to the amazing music educators in my life: Mr. Joe Roman, Mr. Kevin Reavis, Mr. Dennis Stremmel, Dr. John Cooper, and Dr. Michael Stryker. You all have taught and inspired me so much in music. This is for you!

Please feel free to give me feedback, share, and comment. Happy listening!

1. Already, Not Yet

This tune is a musical expression of an eschatological (end-time) truth about the Kingdom of God – the “already/not yet.” Twentieth century theologian, George Eldon Ladd, coined the term “already, not yet” which in a nutshell says that God’s Kingdom is already here in the present because of the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit, but not yet here in its fullness. It is believed that the fullness of the Kingdom of God will come when Christ returns at his Second Coming. Then, the “not yet” will be no more and as Paul would say, “God will be all in all” (1 Cor 15).

So I have depicted this musically as a standard 12 bar blues tune that alternates between a minor blues and a major blues. The minor blues is the “not yet” portion and the major blues is the “already” portion. These go back and forth giving a sense of tension. You don’t know which it is. Is it minor (not yet) or is it major (already)? The point of the song is to show that the present time (the time between Jesus’ first coming and second coming) is one of tension, where God’s Kingdom is already here, but not yet here in all its glory. Below are the lyrics:

It’s already here! It’s not here yet! It’s already here! It’s not yet here!
It’s already here! It’s not here yet! It’s already here! It’s not yet here!
Lo! the Kingdom – Glory Hallelujah – is not yet!
Lo! the Kingdom – Glory Hallelujah – ‘s already!
Already, but not yet
We’re living in the tension
It’s already here, but not yet here!