I Got A New Bass – NS Design NXT4 Electric Upright Bass


Now is that a mouth full or what? For over ten years since my high school days – yes it scares me that my ten year reunion is rapidly approaching – I have been playing upright bass, the colloquial name for the double bass. One of the biggest obstacles to me playing upright, however, has been the fact that I have never owned one. This is a quite a pickle I’ve been in: upright bass is one of my favorite instruments to play, yet I do not have one. So throughout these years I have borrowed them to practice from my high school and then at WIU in college, but for the majority of the time I have gone without, doomed to the confinement of my electric bass (boring!).

So as you can imagine, I have been pestering Paige for our nearly six years of marriage to purchase an upright bass, and she has been generous to me throughout assuring me that one day we’ll be able to buy one. And wouldn’t you know it, but that day is today! About a week ago I bought this NS Design bass used for nearly half-off their $1600 price tags, and it finally came in the mail this afternoon.

So I would like to say thank you to my precious and beloved wife for finally giving in to my pathetic begging and pleading for my favorite instrument on the planet all these years! Sweety, you are the best! And I’d also like to say to all of you reading this to enjoy listening to a few of my first notes on my new EUB (Electric Upright Bass), but don’t mind my poor intonation; that’ll come after some more practice.




One comment on “I Got A New Bass – NS Design NXT4 Electric Upright Bass

  1. Mom says:

    i liked Autumn leaves the best…I know that song and loved the end..except thought, after stepping away, thought you were going to lean back in and play One more note for the End. Love that you have this now.

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