Last Train Home

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A few months ago, I wrote lyrics to one of Pat Metheny’s (jazz guitarist and composer) most loved songs entitled “Last Train Home.” These lyrics came to me as I was praying for and grieving the loss of my friend’s (Todd Adams) mother (Sharon Adams). This season in the life of my family has been one of grief as we lost my beloved mother-in-law Tammy Booth to cancer last November. During this time, we have experienced both tremendous grief and yet great comfort from the Lord Jesus. This arrangement of “Last Train Home” is for the comfort of those who have lost loved one’s in the Lord, and a call for those who do not yet know the Lord to not “miss the last train home,” that is, “heaven” – the new heavens and the new earth (Revelation 21-22). “Who would ever say no to this? It’s free, a gift for eternal bliss.”

Verse 1
Sounds so sweet, thank the Lord above
He paid my way with his endless love
To hear his voice, to see
His face…what joy ’twill be
It’s one way, all aboard
The last train home
Verse 2
Heavenward is his call for you
For me and all of the world too
He died and rose to save
He made…a way, it’s true
His love’s for you
Don’t miss the last train home
It waits for you
Many have gone there
They’ve gone before us
We miss them every day, Oh
But we will join them soon
Verse 3
Who would ever say no to this?
It’s free, a gift, for eternal bliss
Repent, believe, and love
The Lord…with all your heart,
Soul, mind, and strength
The last call, all aboard (3x)
The last train home

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