Moment’s Notice

Blue Train

Today on this snow day, I recorded one of my favorite tunes composed by the saxophonist John Coltrane: Moment’s Notice. If you want to hear his original recording, click here to listen from his 1957 Blue Note album entitled “Blue Train.” In comparison, my rendition takes the tempo up a little more (260 bpm) and only features a solo on the piano. Mine is also 3 minutes 22 seconds, whereas his is 9 minutes 10 seconds. A point of trivia is that Coltrane never recorded “Moment’s Notice” again after this album.

As another fun piece of trivia, this is actually the first recording that I have done with my new electric upright bass – the NS Design NXT4. So that’s exciting for me!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful song that Coltrane graced us with.

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