Moment’s Notice

Blue Train

Today on this snow day, I recorded one of my favorite tunes composed by the saxophonist John Coltrane: Moment’s Notice. If you want to hear his original recording, click here to listen from his 1957 Blue Note album entitled “Blue Train.” In comparison, my rendition takes the tempo up a little more (260 bpm) and only features a solo on the piano. Mine is also 3 minutes 22 seconds, whereas his is 9 minutes 10 seconds. A point of trivia is that Coltrane never recorded “Moment’s Notice” again after this album.

As another fun piece of trivia, this is actually the first recording that I have done with my new electric upright bass – the NS Design NXT4. So that’s exciting for me!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful song that Coltrane graced us with.

Jazz on Main 2014


For those of you who were unable to make the jazz event at NewDay Community Church in Versailles on October 18, we recorded the music for your listening pleasure. And for those who did make it, don’t worry you can relive with great nostalgia Jazz on Main 2014. Thanks to all who came out and supported us and all those who were there in spirit.

Au Privave, Autumn Leaves, Summertime, The Girl from Ipanema, and Blue Monk are jazz standard, while “How To Trane A Monk” (Track 3) is an original composition of mine. We hope you enjoy the music and experience the Triune God who created such a brilliant and complex genre of music.

Timothy Christian – Trumpet, Guitar, Keyboard (Organ/Flute)

Larry Crawford – Piano

Jordan Wright – Double Bass

Roger Dittert – Drums